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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions


Does Drone Termite & Pest Control provide free estimates?

Yes, all estimates are free.

Do I have to schedule another appointment for treatment after the technician comes to my house to provide an estimate?

Most Pest Control treatments can be completed at the time of the estimate. We cannot drill for termite treatments the same day we provide an estimate because we need to contact the utility companies to mark out any underground lines.

Does Drone Termite & Pest Control remove larger rodents such as squirrels, groundhogs or raccoons?

No we do not, the only rodents we treat for are mice and rats. We also do not remove live snakes, bats or birds.

What types of payment does Drone Termite & Pest Control accept?

Our technician will accept cash, credit card or a check for payment.

Is the pesticide spray toxic to pets or small children?

The spray used for most pest control treatments is water based so it is odor free and non-toxic once it is dry. Drone Termite & Pest Control will provide information on the chemicals used upon request if there are any additional concerns. Our technician will explain the recommended treatment and answer any questions before applying any pesticide.

I am selling my house and the home inspector found evidence of termites. The buyer want a one year warranty for wood destroying insects, do you provide that service?

All termite treatments include a one year warranty for wood destroying insects. Our technician will do a thorough inspection to identify any wood destroying insects and include them in the treatment proposal.

Will Drone Termite & Pest Control give me an estimate based on the findings in a buyer's home inspection report from another company?

No, we do not accept inspections from other companies. Please schedule an appointment for an inspection and a free estimate, then our technician will outline a treatment plan for your home.