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Termite Treatment from Piscataway & Summit, New Jersey

Protect your home against those pesky wood eaters with yearly inspections. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, Drone Termite & Pest Control, based in Piscataway & Summit, New Jersey, offers termite treatment.

Termites are found in almost every state. They live underground and usually homeowners can't see or hear them unless it is time for the spring swarm (in New Jersey it is usually the end of February to beginning of April, once daytime temperatures reach about 60-70 degrees). During the swarm homeowners may see many flying insects or may find piles of wings, both indicate that there is an infestation inside the home. Termite damage in the U.S. totals about $5 billion annually and is not covered by homeowners insurance, so it is important to treat for termites as soon as possible.
Termite Free Wooden Floor — Drone Termite & Pest Control in Piscataway & Summit, NJ

Terminating Termites & Wood-Destroying Insects

Most often we use a chemical soil treatment to eliminate termites. The soil treatment involves trenching around your home and garage and then pumping liquid into the soil. Drilling may be required if concrete is present, such as a stoop, porch, walkway, or garage slab. If your home has a basement we may need to drill into the stone blocks. For exposed wood members that are found to be infested our technicians will spray the wood directly. If necessary we may recommend systematic bait stations, but most homes can be treated chemically.

Once a termite condition has been treated, Drone Termite & Pest Control recommends yearly inspections to ensure that the termites don't return. Our termite treatments include a one year warranty against wood destroying insects, and these contracts are renewable every year. The yearly contracts include an inspection even if there is no evidence of termites. If a problem is revealed during the yearly inspection, Drone Termite & Pest Control will perform any necessary treatment at no additional cost other than the cost of the yearly contract.

The yearly wood destroying insect contract covers all wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants, powder post beetles and carpenter bees. If other wood destroying insects are found along with the termites during the initial inspection we will treat for them as well during the termite treatment.
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